Learning Day: Sensei Rainbow and the Dojo Kids

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11 replies on “Learning Day: Sensei Rainbow and the Dojo Kids”

You say “horses with no skin,” I say Jar Jar Binks’s his and hers sex dolls. Tomato tomahto.

Yin and Yang are merely two heads of the Beast. The other heads were going to appear later in the season if it continued.

I want to know whatever happened to Danny. I’d like to think he became a sort of Van Helsing figure who protects children everywhere from whimsical magic abduction by mystically powered inspirational mentors. Using the karate scratched into his mind by the monster he hunts to this day.

I actually stopped halfway through the article to look up this video on YouTube and see if Danny is really as bad at speaking as the article states (he is), and now I’m going to have nightmares about those dragons.

Yin and Yang are what happens to Gumby on that ship from Event Horizon.

Also, holy shit, Sensei Rainbow literally exists to be beaten on, he is Seanbaby’s most perfect enemy.

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