Upsetting Day: The Lawnmower Man

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14 replies on “Upsetting Day: The Lawnmower Man”

Oh man, I forgot about the chimp and I’ve seen Lawnmowerman upwards of twice. I always try to steer conversations back towards Lawnmowerman. Its just makes life better.

Spent a few paragraphs wondering why we were just trucking along without addressing the chimp pointing his chin at that guard before firing… But Brockbaby, you son of a bitch… you fellow I don’t know well enough to be saying stuff about his mother in even in a jockular manner like that… you stuck that landing!

It’s simple really. The human mind can’t truly process the shear awesomeness of cyber-chimp super-soldier, so it discards the memory, assuming you couldn’t have actually witnessed something so absolutely perfect.

As soon as I saw that Oddworld reference, I was prepared to start screaming “TAKE MY MONEY!” Then I remembered that I’m a Patron and you guys already DO take my money, so… Well played, Brockway! You win THIS time!

Virtual reality is the pucca shell albatross necklace of early 90s Hollywood. Before we could even make use of the technology we were already dreaming up the lamest ways it could go wrong. And don’t forget the horrendous CD Rom game that I rented no less than 5 times from our local store but couldn’t come close to beating. What I’m saying is I’m part of the problem. I’m sorry.

What the hell are those X-Y-Z axes supposed to indicate in the Pongovision helmet? Is there that much tactical advantage in knowing the precise orientation and facing of your opponent’s head or dick, either is fine?

Ok, I do not in fact regret signing up to patreon specifically to read this post. I salute to you, Combat Ape and / or Brockway!

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