Learning Day: Lost Without a Compass – Neo-Paganism

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10 replies on “Learning Day: Lost Without a Compass – Neo-Paganism”

Nice, Brockway. I was subjected to waaaaay too much 700 club growing up. Probably explains why im drinking a 7 am next to a file cabinet full of 12 years of homebrew campaign material.

Welp, they DO come out and say that Satan cat is scandalously tricky.

Well this was an amazing start to my birthday. Thanks, 1900hotdog!

Happy birthday Daniel. Sounds like you found your compass. May all your die rolls be perfect charismatic 20s. Sorry, don’t know the DnD terminology, I’m more of a gay, tree-hugging Heroquest guy.

Pat Robertson must have taken a page from Fredrik Wertham’s “Seduction of the Innocent” Using Batman logic to prove that all nerd activities are gay deviltry.

Orange Julius is a reference to Julius Caesar, who was killed by Brutus, Brutus ended up in the 9th circle of Hell. This was from Dante’s Divine Comedy, which was illustrated by Gustave Dore. Comedy…Illustrated, means comic book. Comic books lead to the devil, who is gay


I’m always fascinated by the go-to of EVERY moral panic that “this is how Hitler got started”. Both radical feminists and Pat Robertson types also said it about BDSM. And then they got actual Orange neo-Hitler and they loved him.

And yet they never say that about art school rejection, severe flatulence, or distrust of foreigners. Admittedly, some of those may be more important than others

Vegetarianism leads to Nazis. Go without steak for long enough and you start hating Jews. That’s just a fact.

This is the good hatred right here. Lancing the boils on our collective souls. Pat Robertson’s snake oil career will end soon enough, but the damage he’s done will endure.

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