Nerding Day: New Adventures of Mega Man, Part 2

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11 replies on “Nerding Day: New Adventures of Mega Man, Part 2”

Being a Brazilian myself I can confirm that the country has a nasty tendency to be a funhouse mirror amalgam of the worst parts of foreign culture.

Ya know, I WAS gonna fire up my retro SNES and play Mega Man X today… I cant now. Fuck it. Starfox.

Just to add to the whole Mega Man wanting to bang his sister thing, I remember one of the easter eggs in Mega Man Legends was being able to walk in on Roll in the shower. Pretty sure you could do it in both 1 and 2… so yeah, totally canon.

Legends is different. They’re not siblings or even the same species.

Fuck this rings hollow with the current state of anime huh?

Now I know what those Nintendo Power comics were missing to be legendary: sister incest.

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