Podcasting Day: Power Teams with Erik Wolpaw 🌭

This week we’re joined by Erik Wolpaw, the visionary game writer behind games like Psychonauts and Portal 2. There was only one thing we wanted to talk to him about: Power Team, the 1990 video game series starring nobody and nothing you heard of, and also Bigfoot. Let’s do a team roll call!

The monster truck! This is the only correct choice on the Power Team roster. Every team should have one monster truck on it, from superpowered to legal. 

The brutal, murderous rogue cop from NARC. The perfect hero for the ‘90s, and then never again!

The barbarian from Wizards & Warriors that you are surprised to learn had a name!

A black man, and no other things!

Just a big red orb and the coolest tomato this side of the Sprite Spot, he was-

Wait, hold on. Something’s gone wrong here. Are we actually talking about the strong Christian madmen who destroyed whole towns back in the ‘90s? Are we doing both? That doesn’t even make sense. 

We’re doing both.

In a move the Power Team would surely approve of, we have a confusing new shirt for sale with a muddled message that may accidentally insinuate the devil is a Mormon! 

The only way we could get more Power Team is if we tore a tendon ripping a frying pan in half in a 1991 Elk’s Lodge.