Podcasting Day: Doug Giles’ Toxic Masculinity Scramble, with Jamie French 🌭

This Podcasting Day our guest is the lovely Jamie French: sound engineer, adult entertainer, and the woman who makes us sound so good every single week. She catches easily 90% of what Brockway calls “slur jazz” and almost every unrelated physical fight that Seanbaby gets in during the recording of our podcasts. She’s a gift, truly. 

So we assaulted her with one of the most hateful and pathetic books in Seanbaby’s library. 

Here’s the game: You read the title of this book and then try not to bark out a laugh that turns into a weary sigh.

You have lost this round. 

If Masculinity is Toxic, Call Jesus Radioactive is an angry word slurry that Doug Giles spews from his inferiority glands whenever he’s threatened by a fancy coffee order. It’s crazy to even call it a book — it’s a desperate justification of hating for Jesus, a laundry list of petty grievances, and several anecdotes about things he wishes he would have said to people who didn’t even realize they were attacking him.

But are there swears? Heck no, Dinky! This is a book for men who wish they had the nerve to shoot somebody for using an emoji, but even the mildest cuss will get you thrown out of this macho boy’s club PDQ (that’s Pretty D*rn Quick for you Dinkies out there who don’t know). 

Doug Giles is the author of many books, and all of them are about how every aspect of the modern world accidentally shakes his masculinity to its very core without trying.

Here’s Round 2 of the Weary Laughter Game:

That one was close, but you lost again. 

Here’s his book on hunting with a foreword by the ever-discriminating Ted Nugent, where Giles is photoshopped weirdly distant from an animal he did not kill.

He’s also an accomplished artist, and will apply Photoshop’s Artistic filters on almost any Mel Gibson screengrab you can find! 

I can’t wait to see his What Women Want series!

Here’s an original piece of his artwork, which can be yours for the low price of $10,000.

Do you want a certified used Camry, or an official Good Try commemorative portrait of the first thing Doug Giles thought of when he heard “something about Trump and Twitter”? I know which way my wallet leans, soyboy. Listen to the podcast, and you will too. 

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Take us out, Jamie’s tits!

4 replies on “Podcasting Day: Doug Giles’ Toxic Masculinity Scramble, with Jamie French 🌭”

I am so glad you did plenty of reading from the book so I didn’t have to give that chucklefuck money to buy it and see if the contents could possibly live up to that title. Laughed my ass off this morning walking the dog, great episode.

Can I buy that shirt yet? I’ll even take the sexy version, my crossdressing game is getting rusty.

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