Podcasting Day: Megan Wants a Murderer, Part 3 🌭

Lydia, Seanbaby, and Brockway, the whole 1900🌭 team, come together to discuss episode 3 of the TV landscape-altering disaster that was 2009’s Megan Wants a Millionaire. If you’re just joining us, Megan Wants a Millionaire is a reality show about a woman hoping to sell her body and life to unloveable monsters for, hold on let me run the numbers… upwards of $30,000 a year.

Listen here! Or over here if you missed Megan episodes one and two.

The episode we are discussing was the last one VH1 aired because, as you may know, one of these terrible suitors… was a murderer. And Brockway still doesn’t know which one! Brockway is still wildly guessing! Brockway can’t find murderers!!!

As with previous episodes, don’t tell him! There are still two more unaired episodes in this acclaimed podcast series and two more chances for him to solve the mystery using heavily edited reality show footage alone! Was it Trust Fund Joe?

Was it one of the ones they never show and we never talk about?

Maybe the killer is David, the smarmy asshole who talks to Megan like she’s a baby?

Wait, is Brockway sure it’s not Joe?

Is it millionaire stripper Punisher? Or the guy who takes his shirt off every time Punisher takes his shirt off?

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I’m waiting on an article that is just a list of articles that fell through. Eukanuba Nosferatu for instance

I’m so confused by the whole flax seed thing. I searched hard for something to gasp at, and now I’m afraid I’m committing hate crimes by mentioning flax seeds in my off time.

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