Punching Day: The Fight for Your Life Karate Kwiz 🌭

Fight For Your Life is a 1982 self defense book written and demonstrated by Dr. Ted Gambordella, 5th dan Christian martial artist and author of THE 100 DEADLIEST KARATE MOVES. It’s specifically designed for a business man or woman looking to kill a strip mall with their feet, and using the graphic design sensibilities of 1982 martial arts literature, I’ve adapted it into an interactive activity quiz book! Are you ready to test your street survival skills? Are you ready for…

This article was brought to you by our fine sponsor and Hot Dog Supreme, Lyman: The Undefeated Dick Kick Champion of the Honey Hills strip mall parking lot.

6 replies on “Punching Day: The Fight for Your Life Karate Kwiz 🌭”

I try not to assault people in parking lots very often but God invented cups for a reason. And I am grateful.

Your bumper stickers made my edibles kick in, but then the Urkelbot frightened me. I’m not sure how to feel about all this.

Groin attacks in the strip mall parking lot!

It’s like the author knew that someday Seanbaby would exist and created a perfect subject for a Punching Day episode.

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