Punching Day: Hidy Ochiai – The ’80s Most Karate Cover Model

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10 replies on “Punching Day: Hidy Ochiai – The ’80s Most Karate Cover Model”

Hell yeah, old Black Belt issues. I can’t be the only one who wants to read that profile on Bucksam Kong. Sadly by the late 80s they were oops, all Steven Seagal issues.

I feel if I ever make a karate book I’m gonna have to get abs or grow a cop stache. Not sure which is easier.

When I saw the first picture of Hidy, I assumed that the”smile” on his face was actually a fierce grimace, of a sort commonly seen in such displays of martial prowess.

Then I zoomed in.

And now, that smile will haunt my dreams for the rest of my days.

Seanbaby is a master as using article form to add to the hilarity, but the BLOCKS in this are next level.

Man, I aint even commented yet and i got blocked like half a dozen times.
Some standards yall got here..

What nobody knows is that Hidy Ochiai is the kitchen knife. The dudes on the magazine covers are just fools who fled poorly.

The true power of Karate is keeping your pants up, despite them being held in place by rejected building debris from a magpie’s nest.

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