Upsetting Day: Pound Puppies TV Special

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6 replies on “Upsetting Day: Pound Puppies TV Special”

All I remember is the theme song. I also had a trapper keeper with his likeness, but that was because it was half-off.

If the writing process for this 80s tv show/ half hour commercial didn’t involve at least a pound of cocaine I will buy the largest hat on the market and eat it on national television.

The best we can do is the CW, and they’re not willing to commit to anything bigger than a yarmulke. If we can get a big name to co-host, like Neil Patrick Harris or better, we might rate a Kangol.

Wow. One of the first toys I ever loved was a Pound Puppy (I was afraid of real dogs until I was around 9 years old, so that was my ‘pet’)… but I have no memory of the cartoon. Too busy with He-JoeTurtleRangers.

Don’t forget that BTK was a dog catcher, who actually did kidnap and kill many dogs just to fuck with people (in addition to all the human murders). They didn’t know this until two decades after this show, though.

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