Learning Day: Creed’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show

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16 replies on “Learning Day: Creed’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show”

I made the mistake of eating while I read this and almost died several times for making this decision.

True comedy should always involve several brushes with death. That’s why cavemen laughed when it wasn’t a sabertooth circling their fire.

You know that as the second plane struck, the head choreographer quietly cursed to themselves, realizing there was much work to be done.

That was the launchpad that made me seek out anything else at halftime. Thank God for the Puppy Bowl and the Kitty Halftime Show.

I’ll never forget where I was the day Brockway crashed into Creed’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show.

I want Hardly Birdman and Less Luthor to battle it out for mediocre bald white guy supremacy.

I already possess that title. Now excuse me, I have to mow my lawn at 7am on a Saturday.

Thanks Brockway. Now I’m listening to Creed while working outside. Also, we can all agree that Goddmack were the Negaverse evil twins of Creed, right?

Awesome article. Compelled to point out something missed: Scott Stapp tucked his fucking shirt in. The lead singer of a rock band playing halftime of an NFL game tucked his fucking shirt in like he was going to meet the girl he’d been fingering behind the Pak a Sak’s parents for lunch at Arby’s. I simply can’t get past it.

I vaguely remember this catastrophe. “Hardly Birdman” over there brought it back from the depths.

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