Learning Day: The 100 Top Psychics in America

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8 replies on “Learning Day: The 100 Top Psychics in America”

Didn’t know what short sheeting a bed was. According to wikiHow you are supposed to learn thier whereabouts at all times so you can break into thier homes, remake thier beds, and hide in thier closet till they go to sleep.

Ooh! Hide in the closet! I am hiding under the bed waiting for the payoff of this clever practical joke. I was going to jump out from under to laugh at the neighbor lady as she attempted to get into bed naked only to discover her bed has been remade imperfectly with an eye towards hilarity! I also rearranged her living room furniture.

“It’s probably whoever shaved his beard to make it look like either side of his head could be the top…”

I’m only this far into the article and I’m already snorting with audible laughter, good one Lydia πŸ˜€

Just want to say I was disappointed at first when Lydia joined the site, because that meant less Seanbaby and Brockway and I thought there would be no way she could match that kind of output, but holy shit, I love the topics she picks and she’s the only one with a 100% success rate on at least one hard laugh per article. Incredible.

Animal Psychic Penelope Smith put out her own VHS tape. In it you’ll learn about goldfish psychically screaming for help when their water dried up and a dog named Cider who can travel to other dimensions.

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