Learning Day: Mancavin’ With Lydia Bugg!

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9 replies on “Learning Day: Mancavin’ With Lydia Bugg!”

I love how the skeleton chair has a skull in each hand. At some point in the design process, someone looked at an empty handed skeleton and thought “Too subtle. It needs something else”.

“I tried ‘sexy lady clock.’ (A much more risque search if you accidentally skip one vital letter)”

I see what you mean. I spent an hour or so on Amazon browsing “sexy lad clocks”, and now I don’t think my boner will ever trust me again.

Yeah, and you really should be careful that you are an official sex lady before you start searching for their clocks or their guild will mess you up.

Not to tie this back to a completely different article that you didn’t write, but just reading all of these secrets has made me so manly, I now feel compelled to call everyone less masculine than myself things like “dinkie” or “tinkerpots”. I better get to building the mancave PDQ!

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