Podcasting Day: Bloodsport, with Maggie Mae Fish 🌭

This Podcasting Day we’re doing it. We’re finally doing it! We’re just going to talk about Bloodsport the whole time

And you won’t believe this: We found the absolute perfect guest for this joyous day. She’s smart, she’s funny, she knows movies, and she had never seen Bloodsport!

Holy shit! She wasn’t technically human before this. She couldn’t even vote! But now she’s seen Bloodsport, so she’s finally a real person – she’s Maggie Mae Fish!

Bloodsport is the perfect movie, so if you’re coming into this expecting film criticism we’re going to squeeze you like a little monkey man until your spine cracks. This is an hour and a half of Bloodsport love so raw and non-homogenized you can’t sell it in the United States. 

Seanbaby came into this podcast with 3700 words of notes on things he wanted to talk about in Bloodsport. We fucking got through them all! 

If there is a more definitive dissection of Bloodsport and its dominating role in modern cinema, tell us who. Tell us who did it. Tell us who the motherfuckers are and we will defeat them in kumite. Seanbaby holds the world record for fastest groinkick with knockout (146dB) and Brockway holds the World Teen Kumite Record for Most Consecutive Non-Shows (56). 

This podcast is everything you could have ever asked for us and more – even the bonus episode is something special. It’s coming later this week. You god damn better listen wherever you get podcasts, then like and give us a pec-wiggling review – if you’re struggling for ideas, just talk about how great our butts look when we do the splits. (Pretty great.)

8 replies on “Podcasting Day: Bloodsport, with Maggie Mae Fish 🌭”

Imma go slap box my neighbor and then cry havoc at the sky then imma listen to this.

I’m not going to lie, that movie pitch at the end? Blood Ocean Sport? WAY better than my own movie idea, that basically being Tekken but with an all bear cast. I call it KUMATE! I’ll…. I’ll show myself out…

Y’all missed a trick not calling your movie pitch at the end Watersport

Holy shit, you got Dennis Miller and Fistos as guest commentators in your bonus cast? You’re really blowing through that budget.

You guys need some Kumite merch, something like “our lord and savior kumite”

I’ve always loved the idea of JCVD standing in that room in the beginning, staring at a wall for 10 minutes, while this PTSD flashback plays out in his mind. What is supposed to be a training montage, is actually this lunatic karate guy Jean Claud tried to rob as a child spending years beating the fuck out of him in the name of “training”.
This makes the increasingly manic expressions on JCVD’s face as the Kumite progresses make a hell of a lot more sense. He’s a profoundly damaged character, and deserves our sympathy, alongside our admiration for his crotch destroying uppercut.

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