Punching Day: South Asian Movie Posters

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10 replies on “Punching Day: South Asian Movie Posters”

Looking up Sultan Rahi, something caught my eye :
“Cause of death Assassination”
I’m not even going to read the details, because now I must wonder. Did whoever Assassinated Sultan Rahi plunge our world into a dark age, or saved us from the all-encompassing radness of Sultan Rahi ?

But how? He Haddukens snakes for fucks snakes. That was autocorrect…I didn’t type that. I meant to say “fucks snakes.” Oh, shit. I believe My phone is being haunted by the spirit of a Pakistani, store-brand Samuel L Jackson.

Because you’ve been too busy writing Everything is going to Kill Everybody. It’s alright, no living soul should be expected to catch every last drop of radness out here.

But seriously, I don’t think Khatarnak! is going to stay metaphorical for very long. Watch your back.

I LOVE seeing all your old work retouched, DinoRiders man. I want to make that clear before I ask: can we convince Seanbaby to give this same treatment to the toys bought at a Chinese convenience store before it too vanishes?

Naive fool, one does not need a -reason- to think of Robertcop, one needs a reason not to think of his misnamed nonsensical glory!

I’ve seen Zanjeer. Repeatedly. That movie is long on “Zan”, long on “jeer”, takes no shit from nobody, and is burdened with all the glorious purpose Loki thought he had.

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