Learning Day: The Starseed Oracle

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Back when I was in middle school, a Canadian alt rock band called Our Lady Peace wrote a song called Starseed, and its lyrics just seemed (and STILL seem) like incoherent babbling nonsense to me. After reading this, I am just 100% convinced that all Raine Maida did was take random word soup from these Starseed tarot cards and write a song around them.

You know, I must have heard that song a hundred times and never once really thought about the lyrics. The music is enjoyable enough that I guess I just never cared that the words are nonsense (I lot of songs fall into that category). A fun quote I dug up while checking the lyrics:

‘According to Maida in an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press: “Starseed was written in five minutes. Chris [Eacrett] came up with the bass line and the vibe was so heavy we just wrote it.” It only took the band twenty more minutes to record the song.’

The lyrics make so much sense in that context. It’s just the first stream of consciousness thoughts that came into his head while thinking about a book he read called The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey. This weird pseudo-tarot is probably a rip-off of that same book, I’d wager.

You’re way ahead of me, I’m still trying to parse out what they meant when they said “Superman’s Dead” and I saw them LIVE

Gah, this is just some Other-kin grifters. I can almost guarantee their deck after Moonchild will be Mystic soul child or something, where it’ll explain that your soul was untethered in time and you need to contact your dragon heart. Whereupon they will be sued into cosmic oblivion by the rightsholders of the movie

I refuse to believe I’m the only one who wants to see Seanbaby take a crack at “I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting Socks!” one of these days.

“Quick: what does “Light body. Crystal grid. Transmission. Activation” mean?”

I think I can answer this one. In the cartoon movie “Starbirds,” (cut together and dubbed from the anime “Tōshō Daimos”), the giant robot is powered by something from space called “Crystal Light” and activated by the pilot shouting “Transer, go!” This book is obviously based on anime. I’m sure Brockway can confirm this.

“Found the problem with the car. Starter is messed up because your keys are horrifically irradiated. Ms. Bugg, I’ll only ask this once: did you try to ‘key’ a rocket sled?”

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