Podcasting Day: Moon Ball Cop! 🌭

The early 20th century was a golden age for liars, and Charles Fitzgerald was probably their king. At least he’d tell you he was. And you’d believe him! There was no other choice!

I say “probably” because there are some badass verifiable truths in his story, along with a lot of awesome verifiable untruths, and Charles Fitzgerald built himself a Sky Mansion in the spaces in between. 

Seanbaby already wrote a whole article on the man too tough to die on Earth, so it took the moon to kill him. But that wasn’t enough Charles Fitzgerald for 1900🌭! 

We had to bring author and futurist Jason Pargin on to discuss the best liar any of us ever heard of, and the era he lived in: A better time when you could tell a reporter you invented several new types of airplane and he would publish that fact without asking you a single question about it.

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I 100% believe that drawing of him was based on a photo. It can’t be that hard to stand on the wing of a plane parked on a runway while someone takes a picture. Getting a plane and a camera in the 1910’s is probably the hardest part.

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