Teamworking Day: WorldWatch, Issue #3

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11 replies on “Teamworking Day: WorldWatch, Issue #3”

Mark Twain was Samuel Clemens’ pen name, not the other way round.

With that out of the way, who is honestly surprised that Chuck Austen’s readership wouldn’t spot such a slow-pitch of a literary reference? Something tells me he could’ve billed himself as “Dick C. Spotrun” and they’d have been just as confused.

Chuck’s career is a journey. Also, I have no idea if it is worth checking out on behalf of the site but he also made a pornographic “sports manga” called “The Boys of Summer”. Here’s a line from Wikipedia…

“Bud Waterston is an 18-year-old male “in full hormonal bloom” with a predilection for nosebleeds. ”

Remember when the current guy working in Marvel pretended to be a Japanese writer? This is what I imagine everything that hypothetical pseudonym-born man would write.

OK, I’ll retract “pornographic” and replace with “ecchi” which is Japanese for “pornographic, but slightly less”

Chuck Austen actually makes me feel better about Brian Bendis. Bendis might be a creepy fuck who gives off major serial killer vibes in interviews and REALLY has a thing about hurting female characters, but at least he doesn’t do it while calling them all whores and being bitter that no matter how much he calls a woman a whore, they won’t fuck him.

I did a little digging on Austen (ie read his Wikipedia entry), and discovered he has two daughters.

Could Brockway be right? Could he have written all that unsettling crap, had two daughters and realized maybe he wouldn’t like his daughters to be assaulted, so maybe he should knock that shit off? If so, that’s kind of comforting.

I don’t think I’ve ever read an article more angry at its subject, and I’ve read every Seanbaby Godek article.

It just dawned on me that there’s another reason the comic may have been cancelled beyond the amazing shittiness. Someone at DC saw it and pointed out there is no way Wild and Wooly Press could avoid being sued in to oblivion.

I would rather read the story of the seagull that wandered into the office of Malibu Comics than anything by Chuck Austen

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