Golden Age Comics: Lash Larue šŸŒ­

In 1949, Hollywood star Lash Larue, King of the Bullwhip, got his own comic book. And for twelve years, he and his whip tamed the frontier! Do you think you would have had what it takes to do that? Now you can find out! I selected over 700 hair-raising, cliff-hanging moments from some of Lash’s greatest adventures. See if you would have handled things the same way!

This article was brought to you by our fine sponsor and Hot Dog Supreme, Eric Spaulding: Who has personally taken 863 medically significant conks and can still work a spoon!

10 replies on “Golden Age Comics: Lash Larue šŸŒ­”

Seanbaby just resurrected Western AND Medical Drama comics in a single post. I’m very much looking forward to the LaRue Cinematic Conkiverse

Damn, a couple more blows to the head might turn Lash in to a Trump voter. Did he ever get in a fight that didn’t start with him getting a concussion?

I haven’t closed this tab since I opened it, Golden age week should be an annual event in my eyes, I still want more of Seanbaby’s take on THE DART.

OMG! I found New Seanbaby stuff! This makes my fucking year!!! Thank you! Iā€™m also invoicing you for half a box of Kleenex spent blowing my nose from laughing so hard for so long at Konks Larue.

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