Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 1

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12 replies on “Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 1”

Christian UFO books are some weapons-grade crazy. My father had me watch an hour-long video about how alien-human hybrids exist and you’re morally obligated to kill them if you see any. I don’t know how you come back from that one.

The sad thing is, “aliens are DEMON!” is super progressive compared to old fashioned Southern Protestant Christianity, where their motto is EVERYTHING is a demon! Aliens, other gods, spirits, the Pope, non-whites, EVERYTHING!

“People mysteriously losing interest in batshit crazy interviews” is my new favorite genre

Ah, yes. The old Catholics-are-in-league-with-Satan canard but this time with an alien twist. I remember this well from my Reddit days.

Oh. The “prophecy” the authors are referring to involves a very-probably forged manuscript some prelates used in the Middle Ages to support their candidate for the Papacy. Check out the prophecy of St. Malachi for details.

I read the last paragraph out loud while my wife was drinking tea and when I said “peener facing a vageener” she blew hot tea out of her nose.

For like one second I was genuinely worried I was going to have to take her to the hospital and I did not think that giving the nurses a good warstory was any consolation.

I think they’re mad at Catholicism being inclusive, making them anti-Vatican II type Pokemon, like Mel Gibson and Bill Barr. They’re Catholics who are basically monarchists to the core.

Hi, I hope that you dont actually view yourself as pathetic. I always worry when I see self-deprecating jokes anymore.

We all lose control of our lives and read something we know to be a waste, eat something we know we shouldnt, drink to excess, sleep with horrible people etc.

Can we fundraise a trip to V.A.T.T. for the 1900hotdog crew? I need answers, and more graphs!

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