Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 2

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7 replies on “Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 2”

As a resident Panspermia 7, I’m tired of all the tentacled perverts from Zorm. They are selfish lovers who leave you disappointed, sore, and longing for a Xeontrax lover (pre-planet implosion)

We’re some 300 pages into an examination of the other kind of starfucking and the lack of specificity is getting suspicious. If they’re not going to go into what Jesus has to say about jamaharon, I call bullshit – these guys never fingered a Minbari in the sacristy at all.

tbh if it came out that nic cage was deeply involved in an alien demon god ufo secret, it would explain just so much of his career

Why oh why do the Christian fanfic writers *insist* on having the whole saga revolve around only three characters?

Love your writing Lydia, and this is a VERY minor quibble, but could you please include a link to the previous article in this? I know it’s easy to search for it and find it on the website, but it’s hella convenient for multi parters to have the links for people with big fat fingers like me who don’t type on phones well. Thank you! Keep up the hilarious work.

God. Isn’t it sad that this insane nonsense is better presented and researched than *ANY* of the conspiracy theories Trump believes and promotes?

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