Podcasting Day: The Conan Saga, Part 1 with Lydia Bugg 🌭

On this day of high adventure, the Dogg Zzone 9000 welcomes our own Lydia Bugg to discuss 1982’s Conan the Barbarian! Hers is a tale of discovery as it was the first time she’d seen it, as opposed to Seanbaby and Brockway who have been thinking about Conan the Barbarian several times a day for 39 years.

Listen here, or wherever there are fleet horses at your feet and falcons at your wrist! And for 🌭 champions or higher, the bonus podcast features Liddy running her first book game where Sean and Robert romance each other to the death. Let Crom witness us as we solve the Riddle of Steel and have a camel-punching good time doing it!

Remember to lash yourself to our wheel wherever you get podcasts, and Crom us on Crom! CROM!

2 replies on “Podcasting Day: The Conan Saga, Part 1 with Lydia Bugg 🌭”

on the back of this podcast, i watched conan for the first time. much like lydia, and despite listening to you all speak about it for more than an hour, i still have just so many questions.
why is the soundtrack for the first 30 minutes solid just trumpets?
why does everyone deliver their lines like they’ve been poorly green screened into the film in post production so they’re not quite looking at each other?
and like you guys, i would like to know why are wheel idiots?

You don’t want to hear this but Rob Liefeld owns that Atlantian sword with Arnold’s signature and everything.

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