Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 4

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6 replies on “Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 4”

This series has been educational.

No, that’s not the right word. It’s been…pedagogical? Vaguely waving in the direction of academia? Whatever it was, I enjoyed taking this insane trip, and glad I don’t ever have to read through this 600-page lump of madness.

Idiots are endemic to human culture. We ignore them at our peril. This series was a public service, Lydia, thank you.

im still confused are the angels demons because ive got this pope outfit im wearing to a thing and need to know whether to add horns or whatever

I loved this whole thing. You took a disappointing book ending and made it great with the skywatch stuff.
Also… I want to add that the cover of the Terminated book has two tombstones sharing the same elegy, and that’s patently insane to me.

It says a lot when I can’t tell if the ‘in person, mandatory face-touching’ is a joke or for real.

Anyway, this experiment has been enjoyable. You took something that at best moldered on the shelf and made it into something my mom and I laughed at frequently. And did it for four episodes! That’s maximizing the 49 cents you spent on this book! 😛

I just resubscribed and read these back to back. Shoulda known better than to 🌭 this hard right back in. I had lost my spiritual callous. Whew.
Nice, Bugg. Sorry ya had to read that.

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