Nerding Day: Everyone the Wonder Twins Rescued Should Be Dead, Episode 2 🌭

From an unexplained corner of the galaxy they came! Zan! Jayna! And their space monkey Gleek! Did they come from a planet where all brothers and sisters could form animals or water anythings when they touched? How much training did they receive before they were put in charge of rescuing Earth children? Because, and I’ve made this case before, things only got more insane and worse any time they tried to help. The following is a real adventure from a real 1977 episode of the Super Friends. Please enjoy Everyone the Wonder Twins Rescued Should Be Dead Episode 2.

This article was brought to you by our fine sponsor and Hot Dog Supreme, Haught Phart: the other Wonder Twin, whose power is Not Associating With the Wonder Twins. Oh, and nuclear farts.

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Fuck Rogers, the world’s first and greatest space-filling hero! The dick of your life, 500 lovers satisfied TODAY! The original ladies man!

Splash Gordon? That hair-triggered sperm shooter might get β€˜em wet, but he always leaves the ladies unsatisfied…

I was hoping for another one of these. Thanks, Seanbaby. I needed this after a long day.

Wonder Twins episodes are a practice in stream of consciousness cartooning

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