Nerding Day: Skyrim Personality Flaws

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9 replies on “Nerding Day: Skyrim Personality Flaws”

Hey man, if you got the physics engine to calm itself down long enough to actually stack all those books on there like that, you have proved at least supernatural patience.

I love these Cracked remasters. The half remembered article plus new jokes is a great hit of nostalgia+novelty in one.

I must have read the original of lot of these at least half a dozen times when they were new. That makes for a “comedy experience” I’ve never had from another source, where I’m expecting a punchline I mostly remember (and loved) and getting something new every other joke. It’s a neat, unique bit of whiplash. I’d love to see Seanbaby and Lydia redo some of their Cracked stuff.

Also, having read, I think, most of Brockway’s published work, it’s a cool experience to track and experience a writer/comedian’s evolution in almost real time.

Not something I particularly need to know in order to enjoy the articles, but I have been curious about how the technical details of re-issuing an article that was published on Cracked originally works. Did you retain the full rights to everything you wrote over there? Or is it more complicated than that?

Glad you’re digging them! Even if they’re mostly a defensive measure since my health issues keep me from returning full time just yet. As for legal stuff: We don’t know! The contracts just never stipulated anything about rights — at least not with the current owners of Cracked. Literally Media cut me loose and voided all severance I’d accrued since they were a new company, and the old contracts I signed didn’t apply. So we’re assuming if that’s true, then it’s true of all our old contracts. And they did not mention rights to our material anywhere in the new contracts. Plus if they try to sue us, we won’t instantly fold and we’ll make it look really fucking bad for them. It’s probably not worth it for old content they don’t even bother to upkeep.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

That makes a lot of sense. However they’re available, it’s been really fun to re-experience some pretty great decade old memories in a new light.

Absolutely boring guy here. I literally downloaded a mod that added an empty library to my houses. Then I spent hours and hours collecting every book and note in the game, occasionally hauling back loads of them just to see if I already had a copy, because I’d forgotten. Then I alphabetized and shelved all of them. Then I did it again. On 4 other characters.

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