Podcasting Day: The Ninja Podcast Podcast, with Jason Pargin 🌭

On this very special Podcasting Day, we’re getting sued! And also poisoned! 

We continue our tradition of inviting the hilarious and insightful author Jason Pargin to discuss things that harm and upset him. He writes fun and brilliant novels called things like Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick, and all he wants to do is talk about something goofy and lighthearted with his friends. 

So we brought him on for an episode about delusional liars featuring Frank Dux, the most thin-skinned conman in the martial arts scene and voted most likely to litigate a nickname in his high school yearbook!

We told Jason we’d make it up to him, and the next one he does will be a wacky episode about buddy chimp movies (it’s actually about the criminal mistreatment of animals behind the scenes of your favorite films!)

This all started on our Discord thanks to a tip from Mr. Penguin Man, just to fold another defendant into the case, who told us several ridiculous things in escalating succession: People still pretend to be ninjas in the modern day, those people organize online, that organization started a podcast about ninjutsu, and they brought on Frank Dux, the man who lied Bloodsport into existence, because he also claims to be a ninja! 

It seems crazy, even for us, to do a podcast episode about another podcast episode, but you never know the form cursed media will take. This hour long interview conducted BY a ninja TO a bloodsport deserves to stand with the kinkiest anime Brockway can find, or the saddest sex tips in Seanbaby’s library. You better listen to it quick, before the takedown notice from concerned Bloodsport super fan Mr. Drank Fux!

Our patrons at Hot Dog Hero level or above get access to a 40-minute(!) bonus podcast where Jason Pargin does his god damnedest to ride a bear to the club like some kinda bigshot druid! 

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9 replies on “Podcasting Day: The Ninja Podcast Podcast, with Jason Pargin 🌭”

I would like to earnestly record that you don’t have to listen to it. I would like to solemnly file that we’re still doing writing 90% of the time. I would like to glumly transcribe that you’re being kind of a shit here.

I would like to thank you for succinctly saying what I have follow-ups for Brockway!

Hey I’m not sure whether your saying hotdog podcasts suck or just the concept of podcasts in general but either way fuck you guy. Brockway if you happen to come back and read this thanks for all the killer content you and Mr Sean any create huge fan and I look forward to the podcast and bonus podcast every week.

I have to read Jason’s articles multiple times I love em so much. The pod casts have been fantastic. Megan wants a murderer was an emotional roller coaster on par with Kurosawa’s Rashomon. I’m also a big fan of the ‘Lydia has not seen this before’ sub genre.

My favorite podcast synopses are the ones where it sounds like someone recounting a fever dream had post-Monster energy drink binge.

Between this guy and some fairly elaborate fakers on Twitter, I’ve started to notice that scam artists spend an exorbitant amount of time raging against their doubters, even when it kind of blows their cover in some cases. Like one guy said he was an amateur storm chaser trapped in hurricane Ida with only a tiny percentage of battery left and no way to charge it, then suddenly an hour later he’s tweeting angry replies to almost everyone who doubts him.

I mean, we all get a little defensive when someone accuses us of fraud or says we suck (happened to me once at work and I got over it after a few days, not totally unlike Brockway returning fire at the guy upthread), but I notice that fraudsters are deeply insecure and will spend around 50% of their time arguing with even the most insignificant critics. Like, if you really won a super-secret underground tournament and everything else you said was true, a certain amount of the criticism from the doubters would roll off of your back. Whereas this guy is handling it about as well as the fake hurricane chaser.

I shall call it James’ Razor: People who care more about raging against the doubters of their personal claim than anything else are probably insecure for a good reason. This goes doubly if they claim that every communication puts them in danger.

I want a shirt that says ‘I defend myself with poisons’ and the legal implications can be damned. This is hands-down one of the best podcast episodes, its like potato chips, I can’t stop listening.

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