Teamworking Day: Marville, Part 1

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6 replies on “Teamworking Day: Marville, Part 1”

This series is so fucking crazy. It starts off as a horrible parody comic, then suddenly Bill Jemas decides he’s going to teach us all all about God, the universe, and the meaning of life with the script just written directly on the page instead of having speech bubbles and then the last issue is just Jemas castigating the audience for not voting for his shitty comic book.

So apparently I’ve watched Linkara’s dissection of this series on YouTube. YouTube insists that I have, and yet none of this seems familiar beyond the wet fart of a pun that is “Kal-AOL.”

The only explanation is that my brain flat out refused to retain information about this batshit insane 4-color stroke-fest. Hope I remember reading this article when Part 2 comes around!

That must be it. I, too, had this vague sense of “I’ve smelled this particular pile of bullshit before, but *where*?”

I’ve been told this is the one Marvel comic that’s actually worse than “Trouble,” the romance mini-series where Spider-Man’s future mom and future Aunt May are teenage girls who cannot wait to get their hands on some dick.

I don’t know if anything could be worse than that, but Marville definitely seems to be giving it a shot…

I have so many questions about Marville but they can all easily be summed up with “what the fuck?”

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