Upsetting Day: Verotika

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8 replies on “Upsetting Day: Verotika”

I tried watching this, but couldn’t get through ten minutes without idly skipping around from scene-to-scene, never stopping for more than maybe 30 seconds at a time.

I don’t know how you watched the whole thing, but whatever’s left of your soul has earned a long nap and a Blu-Ray of “The Rules of the Game” to restore your faith in the art of the motion picture.

once upon a time I thought the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode with Danzig was a parody but the more I read and see from him makes me realize he really is that magical mix of giant dork and steroid meathead.

Having read the Verotika comics…I really didn’t think Danzig could make something more fucked up while also kinda pointless. I’m…actually kind of impressed.

Have they just “not called it out”? Or have they completely stopping speaking to you, and you haven’t noticed yet?

I saw this at a midnight screening because I had heard it was The Room of horror movies. The first two segments suck, but are also ridiculous enough that the audience kept up a steady stream of laughter. But “Drukija, Contessa of Blood” was so aggressively repulsive that the whole theater was stunned into silence. It was a joyless, nauseating slog and the closest I’ve ever been to walking out of a theater mid-movie.

I refuse to believe this is real and if anybody tries to make me watch this movie they will be met with panicked crying and poor karate.

There was a time when I didn’t know that nipple eyes are the most terrifying thing in the entire goddamn world. That time was 10 minutes ago, but it feels like a lifetime. Oh, how I envy that naive girl, yet hate her for her ignorance.

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