Learning Day: Real Men Do Yoga

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7 replies on “Learning Day: Real Men Do Yoga”

This is why I give money to the site, for hilarious articles like this. Thanks, LB.

Lovely article.

It makes me grateful of the success of DDPYoga, which markets itself by suggesting that if yoga can improve the lives of old wrestlers – whose MRIs look like they climbed out of plane crashes – than it probably is okay for dudes broken down by time in the normal way.

Saying “BANG” instead of “Namaste” is at least three notches of toxic masculinity down from shit like this book.

On one hand, it’s kinda nice for somebody who speaks the language of the Alpha Male™ (grunt farting and sport punching) to make concession for supposedly sissy stuff in their tiny list of allowed behaviors.

On the other hand, they’re doing this by narrowing and focusing their aggression on the girly-queer new age mindfulness aspect of the whole thing, so they’re basically one downward dinky away from opening fire on a Turning Wheel bookstore.

As an unprofessional writer and male of 34 years, I manfully attest that Lydia has represented us here as perfectly as any writer is capable.

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