Podcasting Day: Xanadu, with Lydia Bugg! 🌭

This Podcasting Day, Lydia Bugg gets her long-sworn revenge for that time we made her watch all three Conan movies back-to-back. She pulled that Ghostbusters shit and told us we would choose the form of our destroyer. We tried to clear our minds, but Seanbaby is basically always thinking of rollerskating and Brockway had an ELO song stuck in his head. 

Thus our fate was sealed, and the destroyer came in the form of… XANADU! Yes, the 1980 musical about a mystical disco roller rink starring Oliva Newton-John and the dude from The Warriors

Of course we wound up loving it. Because Seanbaby and Brockway both arrived at the same theory, independent of one another: Xanadu is actually a horror movie. Olivia Newton-John plays a Greek Muse who inspires, but not without a cost.

And Michael Beck, poor Michael Beck, is far too handsome to realize what’s happening.

Even as she devours his creativity, he’s just having too good a time looking like Michael Beck to comprehend the danger he’s in.

It’s not like there weren’t clues.

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2 replies on “Podcasting Day: Xanadu, with Lydia Bugg! 🌭”

I have one note : The Rock Band in the bandstand scene is The Tubes, not ELO. But I’ve seen this a LOT. Other than that, this was a perfect podcast about a perfect thing made by madmen.

I JUST had that dream of my wife walking to our bedroom with that dude from Xanadu. He winked at me while he grabbed a handful of condoms out of the condom bowl and shut the door. I woke up so (CENSORED) mad. And when I told her why I was pissed she just laughed at me. SHE LAUGHED!
Thank God for this catharsis, folks. I needed this!

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