Podcasting Day: The Great Dipshit Check-in, with Jason Pargin! 🌭

What a fantastic year 2021 was! We spent the whole year head down in Hot Dog magic – fighting dicks and fleeing Beezbos, catching murderers and watching cowboys get CTE.** It’s been plainly wonderful in every single way. And now, to poke our heads out and check how the year went for literally everything not Hot Dog…

Haha wow, okay. You guys really fucked that all up, huh? 

Well, there’s a good new rule: Never check on anything. 

Let’s break it right away with our very last podcast of the year, which is all about following up on huge 1900🌭 moments. It features rakish author and substack roustabout Jason Pargin!

1900🌭’s mission statement is to find and mock ridiculous things, and our work ends there. But if we were real journalists, we would have looked a little harder and told you about the insane stories behind a few of this year’s biggest Hot Dog finds. So we did that! That’s what this podcast is!

This is your absolute last chance to subscribe in 2021, and if you don’t get busy right now you’ll never be able to say you reviewed the Dogg Zzone 9000 this year

*Fun Fact: The ‘C’ stands for CONK! 

**Less Fun Fact: The ‘T’ and ‘E’ still stand for traumatic encephelopathy. 

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“There’s no such thing as a thesaurus emergency” from the Extra Weiner is the t-shirt.

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