Upsetting Day: Judge Dredd Accidentally(?) Endorses Fascism

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8 replies on “Upsetting Day: Judge Dredd Accidentally(?) Endorses Fascism”

I never saw this because the trailer clearly indicated that it was Cobra with helmets. I even think the trailer started with “In a world… where Cobra wears a helmet…”

Why did the world give us another Cobra, when what we clearly needed was another Tango & Cash?

Because the odds of a new Tango and Cash being even a little good is almost nothing, while Cobra is an easy bar to reach.

I saw it and was immediately annoyed by them breaking the two rules of Judge Dredd; he has no first name and never takes the helmet off.

Though to be fair, is a Cobra movie that doesn’t involve Stallone cutting frozen pizza with a pair of scissors and eating it (while still frozen, I remind you) REALLY a Cobra movie? I’d argue no, it’s more like a Cobra parody that absolutely misses the point. Meaning that… holy shit… This movie failed the same way in two different aspects!

Obviously we can just take it as given that the Keith Urban Dredd movie ruled, as it was a remake of Raid: The Redemption, even though it was barely more willing than Stallone to grapple with the critique of fascism built into the source material.

Despite its lack of financial success, I think Dredd should serve as a model for more awesome movies with the character that don’t trigger discomfort with cheerleading fascism: place Dredd in other sweet movies. You could go with more Gareth Evans and have Dredd undercover to rescue someone from an island cult that has chained an elemental eldritch creature, The Apostle style.

Or go with Dredd writer Alex Garland’s other work! Dredd hanging out with an evil AI developer in their remote compound or fighting rage zombies or leading a group of women into a zone contaminated by the effects of an alien meteor or just hanging out with DiCaprio on a beach.

“Keith Urban” Chuckle if joke. Hilarious if mistake. Though, hell – maybe he’d be into it.

A lot of those are pretty much the plots of Judge Dredd comics anyway. Kinda the whole point of having a strongly characterised central protagonist where the story isn’t really ABOUT him most of the time but rather the world he lives in is that you can basically throw him in Dredd-ified versions of pretty much any plot you can think of, also handy for doing satire.

Armand Assante seemed at least to be having a lot of fun with his role. But yeah This movie is hit garbage.

The new Dredd movie is a better adaptation in every way.

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