Nerding Day: Garfield’s Insults, Put-Downs & Slams

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17 replies on “Nerding Day: Garfield’s Insults, Put-Downs & Slams”

Is it Because jon has a job? Is he a dental assistant? I get dental assistant vibes from him.

Like he attended dental school but got kicked out for snorting that powder they use for teeth molds.

Now he works as a dental assistant planning on funding his retirement selling siphoned nitrous he keeps in leaky trash bags in his kitchen. The air he breathes at home is maybe 40% narcotic and, as he will tragically discover, 100% too flammable. This explains the talking cat. The cat hates Mondays because he is Jon’s Tyler Dirgen.

The NO2 mixture in his kitchen is the only thing preventing Jon from starting a molar collection donated by his screaming victims.

jon’s a cartoonist. he was basically jim davis’s self-insert, and the cartoonist job barely came up outside of a few mentions in the cartoons.

“Take your face to outer space, NERD!” Is definitely going into my list of favorite phrases.

This was triggering. I actually had to have 3 procedures to deal with my rutabaga jowls. P.s. I have not even finished my coffee and I’ve already begun incorporating technoweenie into my everyday conversation.

After the pregnant one in the opening salvo, I was expecting this to wobble between pointlessly corny and upsettingly mean. I have never been more disappointed in Garfield

Can confirm the origins of this book, as I definitely bought it from a Scholastic book fair in like 3rd grade. Fuck my life.

I’m absolutely using “megabyte me!” the next time I want to talk shit to a cyberpunk.

The inclusion of ‘back’ as one of the body parts to attach funny insults to has allowed Garfield to veer perilously close to racial slur territory. I’m starting to think this book was poorly planned.

Munchkin Bladder is less an insult and more something that is highly tradeable on the Black Market. But I think Jim Davis knows that.

Lmao the garfald “eat the shit corndog corndog” image has got to be the next merch logo

What’s the over-under bet on the “Diss” side of the “Diss/This” list, being ghost written by Dennis Miller?


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