Podcasting Day: The Totally Rad Podcast with Totally Rad Logan Trent! 🌭

Happy Podcasting Day! We got you a present: It’s this podcast. We’re joined this week by Logan Trent, Senior Editor at And not just a Cracked Senior Editor – the mightiest of many Cracked Senior Editors! The last man standing after multiple purges! You cannot kill him, though I know merely saying that tempts you to try. We’re talking about the most rad film ever made, Rad! The 1986 movie about a whole city devoted to BMX racing when, holy shit, you won’t believe it but a big BMX race comes to town! Featuring big name BMX cameos like-

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Oh hell yeah, perfect recovery.


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Congo is very nearly the perfect movie, really the only thing wrong with it is that we’re not in it. We fuckin’ fixed that!

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The film is set in “Cochrane, USA”, which was always a delight for me, particularly when I worked in a video store in Cochrane, Alberta, a very Canadian small ranch town (probably sub-10k at the time of filming) outside of Calgary where Rad was filmed.

I played high school football games against teams whose school dances were in the very gymnasium where the greatest dance sequence (on bikes) ever filmed! Huddle close to bask in that reflected glory!

My parents LIVE there now, too! Possibly within eyeshot of where they jumped in the river, among other scenes! Mostly unrecognisable because Cochrane has tripled in size in thirty years.

Hours later, again responding to myself to say that the natural progression after Dirtbike Kid and Rad is Megaforce, the movie Hal Needham directed between Cannonball Run and Stroker Ace about Brian Bostwick’s international company of stunt bike driving counter-terrorists.

See, in the 80s in New Zealand we just had BMX Bandits, featuring young Nicole Kidman and presumably other stuff but I honestly can’t remember.

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