Nerding Day: Star Trek Food Review

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8 replies on “Nerding Day: Star Trek Food Review”

I love that you somehow did not guess that yes, Seanbaby had already been there and taken drunken pictures.

Mrs. Bugg, I assume you’d remember from when you posed for the art: In that picture in the title, were you fighting that snake or wearing it?

The conspiracy I was looking for!!

“astronaut ice cream is a lie perpetrated by the museum gift shop industry.”

I’ve read it three times now. Awesome article. I loved the Star Trek bar. It combined the horrible discomfort of interacting with costumed characters with tribble strips. You could get Bud light with blue food coloring! The drinks in fishbowls raised like the punch at a frat party but with dry ice! People had weddings there! Nerd people! In costume!

I feel like the kind of person who would create a sci-fi restaurant with the selling point “cheap strong drinks and an environment that actively invites you to break with reality” either knows far too little about human psychology, or far too much about nerds.

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