Learning Day: 2,002 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

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10 replies on “Learning Day: 2,002 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them”

“Cyndi will probably be shocked to discover this, but I have the books to prove her parenting style is 70% identical to seducing a woman in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

I was reading this in email and had to come log in just to say that this is the most amazing cross referencing I’ve ever seen in any media format.

But if you have one boat and two children, do you get another boat, or get rid of a child?

Help me out, Cyndi!

I’m no parental love sorcerer like Cyndi is (and probably don’t believe in Jeebus enough for her liking), but I think the only solution is to get 3 more boats. Why name ONE boat after each child when you can DOUBLE that?

Given all the entries she had hinting about ways your child can die, I’m terrified she had a different way of solving that problem.

The best parenting tip for some is to just not have kids, but I guess it’s too late for Cyndi to take that advice.

This article gave me a long laughing session. Its tickled my funny bone, but not too hard.

My mom:

*Keeps smiling at me*
*Laughs at nothing for hours*
*Flashes big smiles at me*

Eight-year-old me:

“Mom….Mom, are you okay? I’m scared. Please, please stop. I wanna go live with Grandma.”

This is why I’m a Patron. No way was I going to miss out on classic Seanbaby hilarity like this.

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