Punching Day: Stag Mag Cover Paintings

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7 replies on “Punching Day: Stag Mag Cover Paintings”

Who own’s the rights to these magazines. It is long due for a resurgence of these mags. We need a modern take on Stag, or Men’s Conquest. The modern world is woefully lacking in things being beaten by the same things. If I don’t see a guy fending off a den of rattlesnakes by using a rattlesnake as a whip soon my beard will retract and be replaced by the desire to get a subscription to better homes and gardens. We need a shirtless hairy beast of a pychopath pick a lock with a stickbug, use a alligator as a battering ram to break open the door, and then pick up the nearest meercat and do a bitching flip before wielding that furry little son of a bitch as a set of nunchucks. Fuck, using animals as weapons and tools is what I am missing in my life. I have grown soft, and I am afraid to say that I could only karate my way through a medium sized pack of prairie dogs at this point.

This article is the reason I shout “BEAT THEM WITH THEIR OWN KIND” wherever I go. It is also why I am not invited to weddings or allowed in Wendy’s anymore, and my life is so much better!

Hollywood guys reading this mags was what got us such cinematic gems as Black Sheep, Killer Shrews, Frogs and Sssssss.

Yes, Sssssss is really the title of a movie.

Apparently there was only one facial expression then. The “slightly annoyed by killer animals” expression.

Also, CANNIBAL crabs? Shouldn’t you just leave them alone to eat each other?

I have to admit that from the first time I read this in its previous form I always snottily thought, “That’s a Frank Zappa album,” and it always soured the first third or so. I think I have finally overcome that on this readthrough, for which I am grateful.

I meant that being so up my own ass about knowing the reference when I read it as a younger man that I gave no credit to your inventive commentary, as though the subject was drained of interest because of someone my dad liked noticing the delight of the phrase before I was born.

I wonder what I will pick up the next time through.

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