Upsetting Day: Written in the Stars

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5 replies on “Upsetting Day: Written in the Stars”

“Happy Star” sounds like one of those Chinese fireworks that you get an entire box of for free when you buy literally any other firework.

Just curious – How many “non-Chinese” fireworks do you see for sale? I’m trying to think if I have ever seen firework that wasn’t imported…

I could be wrong, but your post gave me a wild ride.

• Ha! Good Point!
• Yep, I know what she’s talking about
• Wait – most fireworks come from from China, right?
• Holy crap – is every firework in my life from China?
• Maybe Stephanie knows?

Wow they just completely failed to tie this thing together, didn’t they? No part of it works, either alone or with any other part. I have so many notes.

First of all, since the theme is clearly “abandon any other ambitions and commit to your role in the service industry,” Happy Star’s former boss should have come in at the end looking for work after his dancing career tanked, so Happy Star could reject him for being unreliable. He could say something like “please, I’m sleeping in a cardboard box!” And Happy Star could say “at least you can see the stars!” And boot the guy out of his restaurant.

And speaking of stars, if we’re going with the angle that Happy actually nailed the audition and could reconsider pursuing his dreams at the end, the reason why the talent scout couldn’t find him should be relevant to his character somehow instead of an idiotic non-sequitur that he forgot to leave his phone number. Like, maybe he’s friends with a bigger star who outshines him and steals all his potential roles. Or some sort of through-line about how it’s hard to see stars during the day, the same way people disappear into their day jobs and can only pursue their dreams at night.

But I dunno, it took me a whole 14 seconds of thinking about star stuff to come up with these ideas, so I can understand the writer not wanting to invest that much of their time. I should probably just list some celebrities who were at the absolute peak of their stardom in 2018 – you know, like Meg Ryan, Vince Vauhn and Harrison Ford.

Tried finding this video and instead came upon this:

“Manhattan’s First Carl’s Jr. Location Shutters After Less Than 5 Months”

> “For the launch, the company created a 25-minute Off-Broadway play called “Written in the Stars,” where Carl’s Jr.’s mascot Happy Star tries “to make it in the big city.””

> ‘critic Robert Sietsema declared the chain’s burgers “uniformly awful.”’

“but they don’t need a white dwarf; they need Peter Dinklage”

I legitimately cannot tell if this is them making a joke. I mean, they had to invent an entire word just to wedge this thing in there, so that implies that they were going out of the way to get Dinklage’s name in, but on the other hand, everything. I’m not a hundred percent, but I don’t think Peter would necessarily be offended (see Infinity War), but on the other hand, everything. My puzzler hurts. This may have actually injured me.

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