Podcasting Day: Lone Tiger, with Josh Barnett! 🌭

Here’s the podcast

This week we’re joined by former UFC champ and master of war, The Warmaster Josh Barnett! He’s a big-rig full of high torque beef, of course. He’s a punch artist, obviously. He is those things and you know that. Did you know he’s also an accomplished bourbonist and avid bloodsportsman? And yet, above all else, he would surely describe himself as a Lone Tiger fan.

Lone Tiger is a 1996 action movie possibly based on Japanese professional wrestler Tiger Mask, but it’s very shy about it. This is the story of Lone Tiger, an occasionally tiger-masked lunatic who moves to Vegas to avenge his father, forgets about that, starts a teenage hobo cult, is a willing accomplice to several bumfight massacres, accidentally solves his father’s murder three times but none of them stick, and then leaves, having accomplished nothing and confused everybody. It stars nobody, but it does feature Richard Lynch and Robert Z’Dar! And with the talents of…

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I listen to the Dogg ZZone podcast over and over at work to get through the day, and I’ve noticed that the “Out of Death” episode seems to be missing now. Did Bruce Willis send a cease and desist or something?

We pulled it as soon as we heard. The whole new geezer teaser industry is still super shady and hilarious, but we made specific jokes about Bruce Willis’ behavior that are just not fun at all now.

Ah, that makes sense. Shoulda downloaded it when I had the chance, now Sean and Jamie’s theme song is lost to the ages… God help us if Godek and Steven Seagal ever have a tragic diagnosis!

As soon as you heard…?
*googles Bruce Willis controversy knowing full well I won’t like the answer*
Well, that was sadder than the sex scandal and/or death I was expecting. Goddamnit curiosity, you know better than to google :,(

This episode is one of my favorite flavors of 🌭: a journey into a strange universe that I absolutely do not belong to and will never fully understand. Seanbaby, Brockway and Barnett play the role of Virgil well.

I cannot believe that, in the recounting of the illustrious career of Robert Zdar, the hit movie “Samurai Cop” was left out.

This podcast made me want to go back and play Calculords. Because of that, I am now depressed because 1. I forgot I bought the card packs on my old iPhone, but haven’t done so when I switched to Android, and now for some reason the store isn’t letting me, and 2. There was going to be a fucking Calculords 2?!

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