Podcasting Day: The Grabowski Shuffle with Ty Franck! 🌭

No ordinary human mind can comprehend The Grabowski Shuffle, a behind-the-scenes VHS tape about the making of a music video starring non-musicians hoping to recreate the exact careers of Super Bowl champion novelty rappers without the football or charm.

So we did what any Grabowskis would do. We invited Ty Franck, author of The Expanse novels and writer and producer of The Expanse TV series to help us understand it. Could his keen mind decode this ancient riddle of antimusic unfootball? No, but being a Grabowski is not about understanding, probably. Which is why we now legally honor him with the title of Ty Franck Grabowski, GbSki, the highest recognition Grabowskis can bestow on a podcast.

Listen here, or wherever you do podcasts! For more Grabowski reference, read Seanbaby’s article about The Grabowski Shuffle here, and the Chicago Reader article he cites here.

Real Grabowskis who give us money on Patreon are in for even more Grabowski when Brockway and Hugo Award-winning author and Official Grabowski, Ty Franck, try to seduce Sean using pick-up lines from the incel classic, 1001 Best Pick-Up Lines. It’s by Don Diebel, America’s #1 Singles Expert! It gets as awkward and horny as a Grabowski photo shoot!