Anime Week: Kennel Tokorozawa with Lydia Bugg! 🌭

Happy Anime Week! On today’s podcast, we’re joined by Supa Kawaii Lydia Bugg to talk about a 30-minute romantic comedy OVA from 1992 called Kennel Tokorozawa

It’s a lighthearted romp about a young girl whose family runs a pet store, and her overprotective dog. Doesn’t sound like our usual thing? We’re covering this one because it’s the only anime that Jimmy Onishi, our favorite rashy little kobold man from Documental, has ever done. 

He voices the dog! Hilarious mess Jimmy Onishi as a talking dog was simply too adorable for us to pass up, so we hit play and braced ourselves for some fun!

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12 replies on “Anime Week: Kennel Tokorozawa with Lydia Bugg! 🌭”

God bless you all for tormenting yourselves with this insane nonsense so that I can now be tormented by knowing that it exists.

It is currently available on youtube, in full. We watched it, and a part of me is gone that I will never get back. Not three minutes into this journey my wife turned to me and said, in a voice devoid of human emotion and cold with its certainty: “This is hentai.”

Between Sean and Liddy this has to be the most world weary sighs I’ve heard in a podcast. Listening to the sick mirth in Brockways voice describing the show will not ever leave me. You can hear him grinning maniacaly the entire time. Hear the grin.

As a guy who watches the occasional anime, I loved the intro theme.

As a human being that exists, the rest of the episode got real dark real fast.

As dark as this anime was, what made me the saddest was having to hear about Bill again :'(

Everyone involved in this anime should be sent to the deepest part of the jail

I went to Japan for a school exchange program in the mid-aughts. I was put up in a really nice hotel the first night before I met my homestay family. They had about 40 volumes of a Manga. I picked one at random and opened it to a page in the middle. From that moment forward I have a full page spread of a hairy man graphically anally rapeing a weiner dog. What the fuck Japan?

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