Podcasting Day: Hunting Psychic Bigfoot with Jason Pargin! 🌭

Welcome, truthseekers, to a podcast the fatcats up at Big Bigfoot don’t want you to hear. Joining us today is Jason Pargin, author of the upcoming If This Book Exists You’re in the Wrong Universe. Pre-order now! The absolutely perfect guest for our show about a telepathic forest ape fighting seven large drunk men with a high school education between them. We’re talking of course about Mountain Monsters on, let me check, Discovery Channel +’s Travel Channel Streaming? Sure, that probably exists. 

Other shows leave the mystery up in the air, other shows try to keep still-shine hillbillies away from dangerous traps, other shows don’t even make their Bigfeet psychic! Mountain Monsters is not afraid to say “Bigfoot was right over there and he shook me like a baby.” Mountain Monsters is not afraid to build a man-trap and drunkenly fall in it. Mountain Monsters is not afraid to invent hilarious new kinds of Bigfoot! Mountain Monsters is not afraid to be the perfect show. 

Please also stay for our FREE bonus episode, Hot Dog Monster Mountain: The Riddle of Psychic Bigfoot’s Gold, wherein Seanbaby and Jason Pargin must write their own season finale to wrap up the Psychic Bigfoot vs. Hillbilly Monster Hunter storyline.

The best part of Mountain Monsters is everything, but especially Wild Bill, who is now the unofficial spokesman of 1900HOTDOG because of his ability to do meth, build traps, and not think things through.

Here he is doing so much meth he air-chainsaws:

Here he is nearly dying while building a trap:

Here he is seconds later, nearly dying again from not thinking things through.

Rev up your air chainsaw and carve us a review here, and remember to follow us like a psychic bigfoot slave wherever you get podcasts.

10 replies on “Podcasting Day: Hunting Psychic Bigfoot with Jason Pargin! 🌭”

Driving my son to school the past couple days I saw a car with custom plates that said Bognar. I assumed Bognar was a lesser known Robert E Howard character, but after these episodes I’m convinced Bognar is one of the legendary Mountain Monsters.

This was a fantastic episode, gang. My wife and I were equally amused and angry at a variety of paranormal “documentaries” we were watching and everything Sean said about an idiot trap was impossibly spot-on. The bonus episode is also incredible.

If anyone wants to take some just devastating psychic damage I’d recommend the *two seasons* of this show on YouTube called “Hellier” which is about a bunch of easily excitable and extremely suggestible people basically doing what these hillbilly Sasquatch-hunters are doing, only even more poorly thought-out.

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