Punching Day: Baby Boxing

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4 replies on “Punching Day: Baby Boxing”

Remind me please: Is there a day on 1900 HOT DOG that isn’t Upsetting Day?

Having spent some time around toddlers, I have to say: there’s a kind of genius here.

I mean, nowadays we try to completely suppress their violent tendencies and, as anyone who’s ever tried that can attest, it usually works about as well as trying to convince the ocean to be less damp. But apparently, we should just be trying to get them to confine their violence to a single place, time, and victim, rather than their usual choice of all the time, everywhere, and against every child, adult, pet, toy, meal, piece of furniture, and weather phenomenon they encounter. (Seriously; I’ve seen my nephew attempt to punch rain when he couldn’t go outside.)

And they’re wearing padded gloves to boot! Ask any parent; after the developmental milestones of “self-directed feeding” and “walking”, the next one is generally “locating the most destructive item in the room to use as a weapon.” Often immediately followed by “finding the most breakable object in reach.”

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