Podcasting Day: Cool Cat with Adam Ganser 🌭

This week we’re joined by Adam Ganser from the newly relaunched 1upsmanship podcast and the Small Beans Network to talk about making your own passion projects. Specifically, why you shouldn’t do that if you’re Derek Savage. Derek Savage is a weed bro, a gun loon, and an aspiring Harley Dad who might one day afford a Harley: A triple threat guy if every threat was very real and genuine. The thing Derek Savage most wanted to show the world was Cool Cat: An insane mascot for nothing that gives terrible advice and frightens children. Derek Savage also wanted to tell the world he would be down for a sexual relationship with Mommy Cat, but we’ll get into that.

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4 replies on “Podcasting Day: Cool Cat with Adam Ganser 🌭”

I started listening to the podcast before viewing the article. Assuming it was animation, I did not realize this thing was live action until 12 minutes in. There is something about that realization that caused me pain: an ill-defined, non-localized, full body ache. I had to pause and take a moment to collect myself, reflect on life, and gird my soul before continuing.

I’ve seen this thing on the inside of my eyelids while going cold turkey, at some point between watching my bedsheets turn to sweaty skulls, and things that aren’t spiders but I called spiders covering the ceiling so that the sky wriggled.

Even at this very moment I’m not sure if I saw this cat before and it printed myself on fever-racked subconscious, or if it was a nightmare I concocted that just so happened to match this thing.

Fun fact: apparently Cool Cat actually isn’t one shitty movie, but rather three shitty short films stitched together! Which is why there is such a disconnect between the plot arcs. I assume that the sexual harassment towards Mama Cat is the only narrative thread that runs through the trilogy.

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