Podcasting Day: Steel Justice with Geoff Thew 🌭

The year was 1992, and it was a time of Robosaurus! The world wanted car-eating and fire-breathing and Robosaurus was both of those things!

Since Robosaurus is technically a mech, the Dogg Zzone 9000 invited anime expert and YouTuber Geoff Thew on to discuss Steel Justice, aka Robosaurus, the TV series they tried to make seconds after building Robosaurus. Listen here! Or wherever you get podcasts!

Since it was 1992, the TV pilot they made for Robosaurus was not about a mechanic who fought small town corruption with his traveling monster truck show. It was about a cyberpunk detective in a bazooka-ravaged dystopia who wants to die and uses grief magic to summon the spirit of his dead son’s toy. His son, like most people in the Robosaurus future, died of rocket launcher crime. Let’s see if we have a clip:

I’m making it sound like it all happens fast. No. Robosaurus only makes what you could call a “cameo” after a full, feature length movie to kill several ordinary people in a parking lot. But the arrival of Robosaurus is worth every hour of grim voiceover. When Robosaurus finally arrives after the runtime of what would have been at least three episodes of the proposed TV show, he rules so hard he gives the main character what you could call a “fucking screaming orgasm.” Let’s see if we have a clip:

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“…he rules so hard he gives the main character what you could call a β€œfucking screaming orgasm.””

I’ve seen less porny faces in rawdog gay gangbang scenes.

And I’ve seen lots.

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