Upsetting Day: Bibleman vs. The Prince of Pride!

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9 replies on “Upsetting Day: Bibleman vs. The Prince of Pride!”

I bought a used DVD of this, watched it once, and tried to get other people to watch it on the basis that it was so weirdly violent. No one wanted to and, eventually, the DVD vanished.

I had a Christian friend in the 90s who watched Bibleman on purpose, completely unironically. I’d mostly forgotten about it, but all of the elements Liddy is pointing to- the weirdly prominent violence, the silly stupid writing, the speaking to the camera to tell kids how badass loving Jesus makes you- all struck me as pretty sad as a teenager.
Also, not mentioned here is that Bibleman is fucking Willie Aames, from Charles in Charge.

I used to get dragged to Christian book stores as a kid. In the children’s section, they usually had something like Veggie Tales playing. I would usually watch this rather than look at knock-off Precious Moments figurines. For a bit, they played Bible Man rather than Veggie Tales. Even then something felt a bit off about the violence. But still preferable to Veggie Tales. Also they briefly had an NES with “Sunday Funday”, an unlicensed, vaguely religious game that was a reskin of another game.

The main problem with Christianity is that if you’re going to name pieces of holy armor then you should capitalize them. “Waist Belt of Truth” looks better than “waist belt of truth”.

This article’s left me supercharged for the rest of the hotdog week. If this is upsetting day, I can’t even imagine how hard we’re about to have our asses beaten into the dirt on punching day.

You know, I don’t want to give this too much credit, but knowing the relationship fundamentalist Christianity has with homosexuality… Let’s just say that I’m glad the Prince of Pride didn’t turn out to be more problematic…

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