Learning Day: Napoleon Bonaparte’s Saucy Romance Novel

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6 replies on “Learning Day: Napoleon Bonaparte’s Saucy Romance Novel”

I’m almost finished with the Aubrey/Maturin series, the books Master and Commander is based on, and they always talk about how much Napoleon sucks. What an awesome crossover of medias for me today!

I’ve been waiting for an unapologetic history-nerd article on this site since I found it last year. Shitting on Napoleon/modern Napoleon fanboys AND introducing two women I’m definitely going to obsessively Google now? You just made my day, Alex.

Good job, Alex. Although still a boy, you have exceeded the already high expectations we had of you.

Pauline Fourès sounds like an OG ganster, goddamn. Yeah, I started looking her up too. Amazing how shitty dudes into shitty dudes seem to miss the actual awesome people…hmmm

I’ve actually read that Andrew Roberts book, and yeah, he’s definitely a right-wing guy who clearly admires some of Napeleon’s more despicable aspects. The real problem is that there aren’t really any modern, accessible biographies of the man that get into nearly that level of detail. So with that said, I do think that Roberts’ bio of him is worth a read, if you already know the basics and want to read a comprehensive biography of him, you just have to do it with a critical eye and knowing that he will bring some generic conservative biases to the table. But I didn’t find it too hard to separate out the dross.

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