Podcasting Day: Traxx, Part 1 🌭

Welcome to a very special Podcasting Day. We’re talking to author and professional literary genius Jason Pargin, whose new book, If This Book Exists, You’re in the Wrong Universe, does exist, and this is the wrong universe. You can buy it up there – you missed it, go back! 

And we’re talking about Traxx – it’s finally Traxx day! Beloved Traxx, perfect Traxx, the 1988 Shadoe Stevens action comedy parody movie intended for… escaped lunatics? Dying bakers? Stand-up vigilantes? It’s unclear. The movie is an amazing puzzle of filmmaking, but with no possible answer. It’s the story of a cookie-baking murderer who wants to give up murder for cookies, but is bad at cookies and good at murder, so he uses murder to fund the cookies. Only it’s an action movie. Starring a DJ. 

Listen: If you’re confused, don’t worry, you can’t find Traxx anywhere and you’ll never get any clarification on anything. We might be making the whole movie up! That seems firmly in character for us. 

We’ve spoken about Traxx briefly in an early podcast, but it just didn’t get the full focused attention it demands. That’s what we’re doing here. Only talking about Traxx. This is a lighthearted podcast about our favorite wacky movie and nothing else. No other things. 

Please murder us on Bakey, or bake us on Murding. You don’t read this part.

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I’m one of the few lucky(?) people who owns a copy of TRAXX on VHS. It’s a fascist fever dream.

Growing up in Southern California, I knew Shadoe Stevens as Fred Rated, the mascot for discount electronics and audio chain Federated. For those who have never seen these ads, prepare to watch a comedy genius at work:

This link is from Shadoe’s personal YouTube channel.

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