Nerding Day: Charmed’s “Twice in a Blue Moon”

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7 replies on “Nerding Day: Charmed’s “Twice in a Blue Moon””

Apparently when my wife was a teenager, she loved this show for awhile, but lost track of it after Shannon Doherty left. I’m going to bring this up to her to persuade her that it was the correct decision.

aw man, i remember watching this show as a horny teenager just cause the girls were hot and having no idea what the plot was.

its actually kinda uplifting to realize i was in the exact same headspace as the writers and producers.

Omg, Charmed! The most popular show of county jail! Seriously, you did NOT fuck around when Charmed came on. It was time for everyone to put aside their differences, shut up, and watch TV. Good times.

I cannot think of Alyssa Milano or Charmed without immediately being brought back to the Iraq war. On my first tour in Baghdad, Alyssa came by on a USO tour (She’s really nice! And wasn’t wearing a bra!). On my second tour in Ramadi, someone bought every season of Charmed on DVD and played it in a constant loop in our Tactical Operations Center. Honestly, I though it was a great show when on mute and only consumed in random, 30-second snippets.

Now I know that both the war and this show were senseless wastes of humanity that greatly reduced America’s standing as a superpower.

I saw 98° open for Brittany Spears at the West Virginia State Fair in the 90’s. Just a fun fact.

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