Podcasting Day: Battle Dome with Mark Mahoney 🌭

In 1999, trend-chasing producers tried to add pro wrestling and horniness to American Gladiators, a thing already pretty horny and pro wrestly. They called their monster Battle Dome.

To make sense of where they went right, but mostly very wrong, we invited World Wide Web funnyman, Mark “Bad Candy Mark” Mahoney, onto the Dogg Zzzone to discuss it. Which was very lucky because he owns the only existing copy of Battle Dome, a homemade DVD rip he bought from a man who stole it from a library. As you may have suspected by how you’ve never heard of Battle Dome, the world realized immediately there was no place in civilization for whatever Battle Dome was.

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6 replies on “Podcasting Day: Battle Dome with Mark Mahoney 🌭”

This clip is literally the only thing I remember from this show. Must have seen it a dozen times on late night TV.

Holy crap, I can’t believe I remember this show. I’d loved American Gladiators as a kid so I started watching…then wondered what the hell was with the pro-wrestling stories between warriors who don’t interact with each other.

It terrifies me that I was right that it was Bad Candy Mark whose partner owns that haunted library of dreadful puzzles. What else am I right about?!

Also, Battle Dome’s WCW crossover was near the very end of WCW’s existence, the Dome Battlers’ appearances on Nitro or Thunder in late 2000 a touching moment during the 90s time in hospice.

Damn, Kilmead’s terrible commentary is the only thing that would have made Battle Dome better.

If Vince McMahon really wanted to reboot a reality competition series that’s mixed with the antics of a scripted wrestling series from the 90s, then why not Battle Dome? This show was way more completely forgotten than American Gladiators can be. Unless, if you count the 2008 NBC version with Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali.

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